Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Comings and Goings

5.1 was sad to say goodbye to Lawson Beams, whose last day at OCSI was September 15, 2017. Lawson and his family had been here for five years and had made a lot of strong friendships. He and his family will be missed!

On a happy note, 5.1 welcomed a new student, Saadiq Glover, to OCSI on September 19, 2017! The students are excited to have a new friend and we all hope Saadiq feels at home here very quickly.

Welcome, Saadiq!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Elementary Camp at Ishikawa!

Elementary Camp is coming soon! This year it will be from Oct. 3rd - 5th, Tuesday to Thursday, at Ishikawa Shonen Shizen no Ie.
The website for the nature center can be found here

It is also possible to visit the camp ahead of time. There is a nice series of walking trails, for example. Doing so may help your son or daughter feel more comfortable about attending the camp, if you think that is a concern.

 A permission form and packing list came home on Friday, Sept. 8th. Please check the packing list carefully for things to bring and for things to avoid. Also, the permission form should be signed and returned as soon as possible. As mentioned previously, meals will be provided by the staff and we will not require parent volunteers.

 Here is a copy of the camp letter in case you need another copy.

Elementary Camp is a great time and I'm sure this year will be too!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

A New School Year in 5.1!

It's a new year for 5.1 and a new group of leaders have entered their final year of elementary school! They look ready to achieve a lot of progress, don't they?


Some parents asked about accessing some of the resources the students use at home. There are some links already in the banner of this site: ABCya has a lot of learning games that the students enjoy. BibleGateway is a great resource for bible study, including many different translations in many languages. FreeRice is a fun site where students can answer level-based trivia questions...but the most interesting aspect is that for each correct answer they earn rice that is donated to the World Food Programme to help people around the world. Jupiter is the grade book that is used at OCSI. You can check your child's progress at any time KidsDiscover is the site with resources for the new Social Studies material that we are using from this year. The texts that are used in class are there and can also be used interactively. MyMath is the McGraw-Hill workbook that OCSI uses at the elementary level. It is possible to access the entire workbook and additional learning resources online. RenaissancePlace is where students can take AR tests and everything else related to the Accelerated Reader program. SumDog is a great site for really fun Math games where the students can even compete with each other. TreleaseOnReading is full of fantastic support and encouragement for continuing to read-aloud to your child at home. Writer's Workshop is the writing program used in the elementary grades at OCSI. It's a good program and highly respected in education. Do you have any suggestions for others that could be added?

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Open House

A big thank you to everyone in 5.1 and 5.2 who was able to attend the Open House on Sept. 1st! Here is a link to the information we presented. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Forces in Motion 4 - What are simple machines?

Work occurs when movement occurs as a result of force being applied. Work can be hard! It can be made easier by using a machine. A machine lets you use less force but over more distance. 

Simple machines include pulleys, wheels and axles, levers and inclined planes. 

1) How do machines make work easier?
2) How does a pulley reduce the force needed to produce work?
3) Can you think of any examples of simple machines in your house that were not listed in the book?
4) If those are simple machines, what do you think complex machines are? Can you think of any examples?

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Cultural Fair Country Reports

The Cultural Fair is approaching soon. This year it is Friday, March 17th. Students received their Country Report pages at the end of February and many have already completed them! I have been impressed by their level of excitement. 

In order to have everything ready in time for the Fair, students were asked to bring their items in by this Friday, March 10th. Some have already brought in items and the presentations are coming together. 

Country Reports Groups and Jobs 2017

Each student is responsible for a home project and also each student will find one picture and write one paragraph for their group’s display board. Students are not limited to the areas listed here and are encouraged to add more to their project.

Project Picture Paragraph
Games Anri Flag meaning Religion
Music Haru Homes Customs and languages
Jewelry Rein Food Climate
Homes Linda Map (capital and pop.)Economy and $

El Salvador
Project Picture Paragraph
Games Melisa Food Religion
Music Jayla Flag meaning Customs and language
Jewelry Yuma Map (capital and pop.)Climate
Homes Julian Country Gov’t type and leader

Project Picture Paragraph
Clothes Young Min Map (capital and pop.) Gov't type
Jewelry Christina Jewellery Climate
Music Joshua L. Music Religion
Architecture Keilani Homes Economy & currency

Project Picture Paragraph
Games Yuuki Homes Economy and $
Music Joshua Map (capital and pop.) Customs and language
Clothes Jessica Food Religion

Project Picture Paragraph
Games Rin Map (capital and pop.) Customs and language
Music/Clothes Jarin Flag meaning/Food Economy and $
Clothes Max Gov’t type and leader
Jewelry Kurumi Country Climate
Homes Mitsuo Homes Religion

Project Picture Paragraph
Games Kai Food Economy and $
Music Alex Country Religion
Clothes Portia Map (capital and pop.) Gov’t type and leader
Homes Suzie Homes Customs and language
Jewelry Mirai Flag meaning Climate and geography

Project Picture Paragraph
Games Shoma Country Economy and $
Music Kota Gov’t type and leader
Clothes Ranon Flag meaning Climate
Jewelry Aubrey Food Religion
Homes Victor Map (capital and pop.) Customs and language